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Calgary, Alberta 
Phone: 1-587-581-5493

Yes, I know, I could have chosen a much better photograph to represent myself. Perhaps something more professional, career oriented and well… flattering. However, I chose this photograph quite on purpose. This girl that you see is one sleep away from her wedding day. She is wearing her mothers pearls, her grandmothers wedding dress and celebrating at her rehersal dinner. She is anxious, excited (can you tell?!) and impatiently waiting for her wedding day to come. She has planned for months.

THIS GIRL is why I get it. The ever so small details that make your wedding better than everyone else’s, the font on the wedding invitations, the seating chart, the stress of paying the vendors, the “not always helpful” groom, the friends and family that stay up with you all night to glue 200 doilies together and then listen to you cry about the “not so helpful” groom. The flowers, the linens… the everything.

This was before I became a wife, a mother and even a full-time wedding photographer (although by this point I had achieved my degree in photography). I’m passionate about wedding photography because I know the in’s and out’s of making such an occasion happen. It’s a BIG job, one that deserves to be photographed and admired for years to come.

I do not take my job lightly, I know that every single image I send to my clients is going to be apart of their families for a lifetime, hung on walls, pasted in albums, paraded on social media and cherished by the next generations. I know my role as a wedding photographer is extremely important — and it all started here with this exhausted & ecstatic bride to be.